Culinary Creations Through The Lens of A Chef

Hey there! I am Mariana, a chef turned food photographer and food stylist from the San Francisco Bay Area. I blend my Colombian roots and global inspirations to create mouth-watering imagery. My photographic style captures the essence of every dish while communicating a story through color, composition, and lighting. Let’s work together to create mouthwatering images for your business! 

Food Photography

Capture the essence of your culinary creations with an exquisite food photography service. I help you craft stunning visuals that bring your dishes to life. Let me help showcase your food in a way that entices and captivates your audience.

Food Styling

Elevate your food presentation to new heights with meticulous food styling. I arrange and style every element to create visually stunning compositions.

Who is Mariana?

Hi! I am a chef and food photographer based in the San Francisco Bay Area, collaborating with businesses on-location and remotely from my studio. My artistic vision centers on capturing photos of culinary creations with elegance and sophistication. My style reflects my personality. I gravitate toward simple, moody compositions that highlight the food, but there is also a fun, loud, and bold side to my style with a hint of curiosity about food science I express through macro photography.

Where it Started

My passion for food started at the age when I could barely stand on a stool and reach my grandmother’s kitchen countertop. Born and raised in Bogota, Colombia I spent most Sundays eating delicious food made by my talented grandmother, who taught me everything from meringue cookies to red wine braised chicken. At the age of fourteen my family and I moved to California, which has been my home ever since.


Most of my restaurant experience was shaped in California’s wine country, the Napa Valley. My appreciation for food and wine grew as the years went by, and my eye for simple, yet elegant food was influenced by the colorful produce and bold flavors from the region.

In 2018 I transitioned from restaurant life to product development, joining a national company to create meals for K-12 schools across the nation. During this time, I tapped into food photography and food styling, dedicating four years to refining my craft on and off the job.


The Vision

After years of experience in the food industry, I embarked on my own journey, establishing a food photography and Food Styling business. My mission is to help people like you bring your ideas, stories, and recipes to life through my camera lens and the artistry of my culinary expertise. 

Fun Facts

“I’m ambidextrous, but as a kid, I was taught to use my right hand to write, I do everything else with my left hand, including brushing my teeth and using my chef knife.”

“Despite being highly allergic to cats and moderately allergic to dogs, my love for dogs remains undiminished. I willingly endure sneezing fits when visiting my parents and their beloved Jack Russell Terrier, Kobe, who also sneezes around me—proof of our mutual love. “

“I’ve appeared on Guy Fieri’s Grocery Games on Food Network. Although I haven’t mustered the courage to watch the episode, I receive friend requests from intrigued viewers whenever it airs.”